The Warrior Donald Trump

The liberal leftists are putting up walls and barricades against good governance. Making great efforts to hide behind it, Democrats, without any basis in fact, accuse Republicans of every crime against the US Constitution they have ever committed.

It must end! President Trump as shown, over the last three and a half years, that he has the gumption to get the job of freeing America done in many novel ways. He must be saluted for that.

Also, we must stop the confusion spread by university professors, liberal teachers and our current reign of barricade tyrants. The chaos and roads to anarchy of ANTIFA criminals must end.

They suppress the efforts of good people by following socialist and communist ideals. Their thugs, planning destructive and vile actions to take over America, must be stopped. Spreading their destruction from city centers to the countryside towns must be suppressed.

With President Trump in the White House during the next four years, none of the above will happen.  And, if the United States DOJ gets on the ball immediately, these barbarians will quickly be in jail to only contemplate their dark dreams of anarchy.

At the Center for America Progress it was determined that: Democrats cannot beat Trump in 2020.  The Democratic Party does not have a strong standard-bearer who can effectively take on President Donald Trump in the November election.  

This stark reality has begun to settle into the collective mind-set of the far left.  And the extremes are like a wounded tiger's pangs of death, it might elicit some sympathy for the animal but thinking about the possible destruction it could cause in the jungle villages, gives the hunter pause. 

Then he delivers the coup de grace and through the clearing November mists, the hunt is over.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

 The Liberty Corner

Waiting for the Trump Landslide.

   Nov. 3rd., Voting Day in the USA

November is just around the corner, and we will exercise the full power of conservative American citizenry, when we vote on Tuesday, November 3rd. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are Democrat Party hold overs from an unproductive highly-taxed past. Trump will bury them.

We must do this for sanity, reason and local conservative control of every voting constituency. Then, the art of gerrymandering will be unnecessary because all districts will be Republican.

President Trump is a leader for the ages, and he will then end this ANTIFA insurrection.  Then the USA, America, and the world for that matter will be proud of our humanity.

The past four years of President Trump successes promotes the idea that the right-wing political approach is the best philosophy for our generation.  In the late 1800s workingmen were cast into a pit of despair by the machinations of capitalists and industrialists and robber barons.

Early on Fabian socialism became popular.  Then Carl Marx and Friedrich Engels did their bit to promote their forms of communism. Between the three, the entire 20th century was devastated. If 100 million + gets our attention, then we must eliminate the rabid beast. 

So, now it’s the century of partiel liaise faire capitalism, where taxes are low, corporations, are under just enough common-sense control, that investors can be protect from extreme business practices, and citizen investments are not threatened.  

A thinking citizen might assume that this is a tall order, but in fact it is a small: one-person, one-vote process that will make all the difference. Democrats have too long split votes and caused dissent; but no more.

        America a Change for Good

With President Donald Trump and his administration performing their executive duties, life in America is getting safer today.

After the legal functions of government regain full ascendency, and all citizens recognize the power of our US Constitution to keep the USA safe, free and reasonable, then we will hold rational liberty dear, and enable the USA to celebrate the greatness of our independence with a clear heart.

When citizens are able to speak their opinions freely without fear that our social space will be tyrannized, ideas and opinions will add the genius of the concept of America to the world’ Internet space.

It’s wonderful to participate in public forums on social networks, find our voice there and add value to the political experience. Then as we give immediate feedback on the condition of our country and leaders, the level of frustration will drop below zero. It’s our duty as citizens to control and shape this great edifice.

Because of the total openness of a liberty-based forum, we will be able to express our opinions in a free and open manner without fear of harm or repression.

 Therefore, here’s my sincere hope that the truly open citizen opinion forums of Parler®, MeWe®,   and © 2020 will be successful and productive in causing a great sea change in American civic and political involvement.

I've recommend to all my conservative friends and associates to do just as I have done. Put way in deep storage any Apple products you use until after Trump wins on November 3. I know it will be inconvenient for a while, but a PC will work just as well for news, weather, sports, entertainment and e-mail.

               Additional Thoughts:

Social Networking & Internet Marketing


I'm Free of Apple Product Ads until the November 3rd Election

Well, as of this Tuesday morning September 8, 2020, I will not be using my Apple iPad and, Apple Mini for any Internet transactions or e-mail until the evening of November 3rd.

It appears that when I was trying to do a minor calculation with my iPad calculator app display, it was trying to force me to respond to an ad for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, with the comment, “We haven’t seen you sign up as yet.”

The ad was in front of and dominating my calculator app screen. This full-screen presentation would not allow me to bypass it so, I couldn’t use the calculator app until I responded to their message. In my opinion that was a political low shot to the knee joints. 

I was so stunned with that brazen maneuver, I could barely think; I was so upset with their arrogance, I promptly turned off my iPad and put it in its storage case for the interim. I know exactly who I’m voting for, and I don’t need any advertisements telling me otherwise.

Democrats must really be desperate to spend carloads of money on every kind of concealable advertisement to keep pushing for two out and out losers. Or should I say down and out liberal zeros; whatever. They won’t be seeing my Facebook or Twitter pages on their Democratic Party voting reports. After the election, which Trump should win hands down in an avalanche. You’ve heard the term when talking about Ronald Reagan’s victory in 1984, which was a landslide.

This election’s vote will even be better it will be an avalanche of votes, resulting in a landslide victory and an earthquake in liberal circles. For that matter, this election will shake up the dark, devilish deep state into a frothy frenzy, and we will clean up Washington once and for all.


  R. L. Lyons, 

  Rights reserved. © 2020.

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