Sunday, September 3, 2023

The Epigenetic and Holistic Health Group

The Road to Self Understanding and the Beginning Your Independent Evolution

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By joining the Epigenetic and Holistic Health Group you will be on your way to understanding the power of epigenetics to chance your life.    

The Promise and Legacy of Epigenetics

You always knew things could change for the better, but up to now modern theory and biomedical resistance to accepting new methods of attaining excellent health and continuing wellness, said DNA was destiny. Get the complete story at the Epigenetics Lifestyle Center.

Sometimes History Can Live in a World of Deception

The past tells us volumes about limits and ignorance, and the harm these habits can inflict upon humanity.

As an evolving member of the The Epigenetic and Holistic Health Group your experiences will inspire others.

Starting a Quest for the Liberated Mind

One beginning in this new approach to your holistic wellness and brilliant mind is, your epigenetic approach to a fantastic body and mind. Your success in the quest for total liberation will inspire others.

Your Independent Mind Will be the world's Future

The promise and task of epigenetics in this Age of the Internet is to rebuild the art of rational freethinking and warmly caring minds. Your path in this wonderful adventure as you pull yourself up from shadows of genetic darkness and ignorance. By early morning meditation and rational thinking throughout the day, you will rise above the world's socialist limitations into the light of truth. We in the EHHG are carrying torch that will reveal brilliant minds amid the dross of small thinking. We are leading rational, conservative independents into the light of brilliant thought and unparalleled existence.

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