Ten Steps to a More Creative Lifestyle

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Philosophical note:
Keep a positive attitude in any life experience; nothing destroys the creative urge more vehemently than a bad case of negativity. The best action to get away from this influence is to take positive action. Review this program whenever you need a refresher course on creativity.
Since creativity is a higher, more advanced state of being, the ability and opportunity to do creative things can be lost in the blink of an eye. Treasure it; hoard it like gold itself.
And keep this under your hat. Nothing is really wrong with this world except: nefarious and dishonest distortions of information, misplaced perceptions and modern civilization's many distractions. Stay true to your goals and avoid the actions listed above.
Sometimes circumstances tend to pull one down toward defeat, but pulling yourself out of this sort of dive by your own effort takes courage and strength. But give your spirit plenty of power and pull up on your steering wheel of experience. After that trauma is over the horizon of success will come into view, and then you can fly free; far above the commonplace.
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To your health, wealth, innovation and success!

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