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Saturday, February 17, 2024


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Health Bulletin
Subject: Super Hydration
From: Ron Lyons

You can have a more youthful body with maximum hydration.

Since we humans are composed of 60% to 85% water taking care of this important component of our body makeup is paramount to good health. Drinking at least a liter or two a day, depending on body weight, is a basic requirement of good health.

NOTE: Fizzy water and soda drinks that have been artificially carbonated and overloaded with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup does many detrimental things to the body, and in summary it will:

  • Raise surfacee tension of water in your intracellular spaces, which keeps fat cells full and expanding rather than releasing fat by forward osmosis to be burned in cells.

  • Water with high surface tension restricts water extraction through cell walls more difficult and limits water penetration into body tissues. This becomes more apparent as we age, with sagging skin giving evidence in wrinkles. Creams with Hyaluronic Acid help to draw into and retain water in the superficial layers but that does not completely hydrate all the many sub-layers of skin.

  • High surface tension restricts forward osmosis of water into the body's cells due to excessive reverse osmosis. This is the effect where the higher concentrations of glucose outside a cell draws water in the wrong direction, which is outside your cells!

  • High concentrations of sugar or glucose in soda makes cells shed water in the process of reverse osmosis. This makes you less strong and susceptible to engorged and expanded fat storage molecules.
  • Burning up fat with water might sound counter-intuitive, but fat storage cells, outside your normal cells, keep getting larger because there is no cellular restraint in place. Interstitual moisture draws fat away from their storage areas and into cells.Your working cell walls, hold fat temporarily in place where the powerhouse molecules, mitochondria, can burn it up and produce energy. Neat isn't it!

  • Soda or soda pop is especially harmful in that the phosphoric acid, that is used basically for taste purposes, and can trick your body's bones into giving up their copper. And since copper helps your strength, and without it you lose muscle mass.

  • Additionally, collagen helps your flexibility, but soda is good for nothing but turning collagen into a waste product to be drained away. While sitting with a sparkling drink in your hand might look fashionable it helps you put on pounds and get fat, while copper crosslinked to calcium provides strength and endurance to make you thin.

  • A copper molecule in a bone cell, seeing phosphoric acid in the vicinity, says "Oh here comes a friendly phosphate ion, there will be no problem since that is a bone molecule, and if I will combine with it I will get stronger. That's totally wrong. In a phosphoric acid environment, young immature bones become soft and in later life get brittle because of an intrinsic calcium phosphate/copper imbalance.

  • Copper is an important mineral, and is the linchpin that connects your bone's calcium phosphate to its softer collagen molecules. A baby's bones are mostly collagen, and as we age, we get stronger by cross linking collagen and calcium phosphate.

  • Phosphoric acid in soda and soda pop can also effect immunity in that copper leached away by this acid leaves the body's immune system short of the copper ions needed for ceruloplasmin, which fights germs and foreign agents. This might also eliminate the rise of allergies in young people because their immune system is compromised.

  • Scientists have found that milk blocks the absorption of copper, and perhaps that helps a baby's collegen-rich bone growth with bone strength developing later in life due to the weening process.

  • Babies growing up in cities during the Second World War were on restricted milk diets, then rickets and distorted bone growth were problems, but bone strength was not.

  • Copper is part of the zinc metabolism function of the liver; reduced copper can greatly lower immunity and wellness.
  • Because of these phenomenon, continuous use of carbonated beverages during our lives can lead to osteoporosis. Orange, apple or cranberry juice are better than soda, soda-pop or Coke. Those latter three high-fructose drinks can be detrimental to your health. These natural juices: orange, apple or cranberry juice can help get you get started in the morning or anytime you need a mild carbohydrate boost. Even better than that, eat the pulp from an orange, and savor the juice. Then you will have one ounce (28 grams) of fiber as well.

    Those having knowledge of bio-vibrational energy realize that energy flows best through a moisture rich environment. This especially important for joint lubrication where hydration tends to be minimal because of restricted water penetration into cartilage. Dry joints with minimal moisture content is a precursor to conditions that lead to cartilage wear and loss of bone cushioning, which is known as arthritis.

    Thus, optimal, or as we call it, super-hydration is produced by:

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