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Health Bulletin:
Subject: Super Hydration
From: Ron Lyons

Now you can have a more youthful body with super hydration.

Since we humans are composed of 60% to 85% water taking care of this important component of our body makeup is paramount to good health. Drinking at least a liter or two a day, depending on body weight, is a basic requirement of good health.

NOTE: Bottled water or soda drinks that have been naturally or artificially carbonated and overloaded with sugar or high-fuctose corn syrup does many detrimental things to the body, and in summary it will:

Because of these phenomenon, continuous use of carbonated beverages during our lives can lead to osteoporosis. Orange juice or cranberry juice are better than soda, soda-pop or Coke, the juices can help get you started in the morning or anytime you need a mild carbohydrate boost. Even better than that, eat the pulp from an orange, and savor the juice. Then you will have one ounce (28 grams) of fiber as well.

Those having knowledge of bio-vibrational energy realize that energy flows best through a moisture rich environment. This especially important for joint lubrication where hydration tends to be minimal because of restricted water penetration into cartilage. Dry joints with minimal moisture content is a precursor to conditions that lead to cartilage wear and loss of bone cushioning, which is known as arthritis.

Thus, optimal, or as we call it, super-hydration is produced by:

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Thursday, June 30, 2022