Super Hydration

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Health Bulletin: March, 2014
Subject: Super Hydration
From: Ron Lyons, Entrepreneur

Now you can have a more youthful body with super hydration.

Since we humans are composed of 60% to 85% water taking care of this important component of our body makeup is paramount to good health. Drinking at least a liter or two a day, depending on body weight, is a basic requirement of good health.

NOTE: Bottled water that has been naturally or artificially carbonated raises its surface tension. This restricts water usage by the body's cells. Any soda or soda pop is especially harmful in that the phosphoric acid, used basically for taste purposes, can trick our body's bones into giving up their copper. This important mineral is the linchpin that connects your bone's calcium phosphate to its collagen molecules.

Because of this phenomenon, continuous use of carbonated beverages during our lives can lead to osteoporosis. Better than soda, soda-pop or Coke, orange juice can help get you started in the moring or anytime you need a boost. Even better than that, eat the pulp from an orange, and savour the juice. Then you wil have one ounce (28 grams) of fiber as well as some great juice.

Those well versed in bio-vibrational energy, realize that energy flows best through a moisture rich environment. This especially important for joint lubrication where water flow is minimal. Dry joints with minimal moisture content is a precursor to conditions that lead to cartilage wear and loss of bone cushioning.

Thus, optimal, or as we call it, super-hydration is produced by drinking an amount of water each day measured in fluid ounces equal to half your body weight, measured in pounds. Therefore someone weighing 120 pounds should drink 60 fluid- ounces of water each day. This equates to five, twelve-ounce glasses over a twelve hour period. Since a liter bottle contains approximately 34 ounces, then drinking a 1-liter bottle per day, one-half in the morning and one-half in the afternoon should keep your body well hydrated.


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Thank you, and best regards,

Ron Lyons