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Saturday, February 17, 2024

    This is a story about two recent college graduates, Marceline Pârfait and Sarah Davidson.
    These talented master's degree graduates in the class of 2020, who after five years of school decided, rather than heading back east and jumping feet-first into their chosen careers, would like to see some of the beautiful state, in which they studied and cloistered themselves during that time.

    This story is planned to be presented in six books. Each centers on a main character with inter-relationship linkages and intertwining plot lines that weaves in and out of the character's international activities and family history.

    Besides doing some pre-vacation research for Marceline's relations, they would attempt to meet some interesting guys. Since they have had their fill of college type fellows, each girl is on a quest for a real TDH (tall, dark and handsome) guy or a dashing stage performer.

    Their backgrounds being different, they are still life-long friends. Marceline Pârfait, is from a family of specialty woodcutters, woodcarvers and craftsmen. These artisans started their business during the Middle Ages, finishing and furnishing castles and churches in France.

    In a time of religious turmoil around 1109 A.D. with persecution of Cathar families and their company's craftsmen, they said let's quit this religious madness, and the family elders sailed west to the deep forests of what would be later called Arcadia and eventually Quebec, Canada. Their hardwood company activities led them to New York State in the USA.

    As their quest for fine hardwoods continued through the generations, the family business searched for regions of the Americas that could support future hardwood growth and harvesting. Currently, the jungles and forests of Brazil present valuable possibilities for resurrecting hardwood forests and potentially supporting future harvests.

    Sarah Davidson is the daughter of a championship horseman, who raises steeplechase winners and teaches equestrian techniques on the family farm in Alburgh, Vermont near the Canadian border.

    Sarah is an amorous flirt who acts, sings, does marketing analysis and performs country and western music at the flash of a smile and/or invitation. As Marceline's polar opposite, she open minded and supports Sarah in all sorts of social situations, from marketing projects to amorous scenes on the Summer Bridge with her handsome male lover Darôk.

"Marceline" Story Arc

Summer Bridge Story Background
 My story is about a hard working conservative family.

Poetry is the Beginning of Good Story Telling
When F. Scott Fitzgerald's daughter wanted to write fiction, her father said to write poetry first. This endeavor would enhance her imagination and metaphorical skills.
 So, I followed suit and did the same with a book of structured, rhyming poetry based on the 19th Century poets such as Shelley, Keats and Wordsworth. The book sold well in England, France and Russia.

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Your First Thought in the Early Morning is the best idea generator
To think free at break of day is the most magnificent gift life grants us.

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