Social Networking and Internet Marketing

  • Marketing has changed from outbound push sales, which is sort of a confrontational encounter, into a social engagement with a possible sale as a side result. Rather than winning a sale at your customer's expense, now, customer need, demand and prices determine your success.
    The key is relationships first; then the sale.

  • To gain a perspective on the importance of all this, ask yourself these two questions. First, how can I best express my freedom to do business where and with whom I chose. And, how can I build my own social marketing network using the best global marketing secrets?
    • The new Internet Agora (gathering and marketing place) as it develop into a world-wide conversation and business meeting, has become the hottest marketing tool of the Internet.
    • But be warned, heavy handed sales pitches are things of the past. Overcoming a client's 'sales resistance' will not do in the marketplace of today or the future. The best way to get started is to search for high quality websites that contain useful information and purposeful searches such as Another way of starting a successful Internet entrepreneurial career is by selling your product on your own website or become an affiliate with or PayDotCom.
    • The best approach is to be subtle and mention that you are involved with a new idea. Then ask for opinions and suggestions on how this idea might benefit someone. If those involved with the conversation are interested, they will let you know soon enough. Follow-ups, using instant messaging, Skype or e-mail can help to finalize a sale. Have fun socializing on the latest Internet gathering spots such as Facebook, Twitter or any of the wide range of other social networks, which is described in an article on the website. This informative website is a good starting point for socializing on the Internet. My review of, along with a great search engine entitled is listed at
  • Social networking is analogous to a global neighborhood party with light banter supporting the ambiance of the event. Having a good time is paramount. Sharing thoughts about your life, friends and associates is the most important part of the conversation.
  • Get the sense of the group. If commerce is the main thrust, websites such as Linked In can help you discover ways to promote your marketing plan.
    • Spread your ideas around the World Wide Web with blogs, general reviews of websites and web-based surveys. Try to help the Internet grow. To coin a phrase, get creative and build some web credibility.
    • Then, as the opportunity presents itself, gradually and with a matter-of-fact tone bring your idea or concept into an in-context conversation.

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