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Personalized Sales are the Power of the Internet

The art of Internet sales is a new ball game; it proceeds from what a potential customer wants and/or needs to what you have presented on the Internet.

Sales Methods

People buy what they need, want and desire. Mass marketing tried for many years to guess what people wanted, and then marketed to the greatest number of consumers for maximum profits. Well, currently this model does not work on the Internet.

The best methods of yesterday are outmoded by sophisticated and powerful Internet sales techniques. The older concepts of mass advertizing and promotion of products acculturated a mass market toward purchasing a product. An address and phone number directed a purchacer to a brick and mortar store where they made a purchase. That somewhat unweildy and cumbersome process is expensive. Overhead costs are a real burden to a young small company. The Internet has evolved into a virtual sales power house.

In the long run a customer saves by purchasing over the Internet. The social millieu surrounding a product accommodate a market to person's point of view. Facebook is at the center of social accommodation, and with its ability to convert a causual visit into a sale makes the future of Internet sales very bright.

Method One: Search Engines Versus Friends

When someone decides to get more information on a product, they usually ask a search engine about the product. Now, it is easier to ask a friend on Facebook. If a marketer positions himself within the subject under discussion, then people will see the product offering in the context of the social conversation.

Method Two: Survey Page

Everyone loves to tell their story. This is the key to building a customer base. If a person can tell you what they like or dislike then you as an Internet marketer can judge if your offering is in the same ball park as they needs and desires. Most often the survey includes a entry block for the person e-mail, so that their response can added to the general opinion on an subject and of course: count for something.

Method Three: Opt-in by Sales Interview Page

If a person agrees to share his e-mail with an organization, then you can offer your product with a tailored sales page. This is the Internet form of a sales interview. Before the person gets to the bottom of the web page he or she is ready to make or deny commitment to your product.

This page only offers the minimum purchase. The mass marketers tried to sell from the top because if a customer can have the best of anything before anyone else he or she at the top of the mass marketing pyramid, that lifestyle was in vogue in the pre-Internet days. Now people are more cautious in their buying techniques. Having the best at the best price is realistic. They would rather start small, work up to better later and best of all for purchaser and seller, try it before making a heavy financial commitment.

Method Four: Online Retail Purchase

If a customer is totally familiar with a company and its products, then going to their web site is almost like going to their favorite brick and mortar store. Of course browsing the company's web pages is a bit easier than shuffling down aisles and competing with other buyers for the best bargain.


Never take an Internet customer for granted. He or she could click off your page at the first instance of an error on page, malfeasance on your company's part or even a simple mistake in web site operation. Many other organizations are standing by ready to service a careful customer.

Keep the Internet free and flying high!

To your health, wealth and success!

Best Regards,

Ron Lyons