Poetry - the Road to Enhanced Creativity

Consider the proposed essay with an open mind; our most precious freedom.

The Promise and Legacy of Creative Poetry

Creative poetry broadens your outlook, enlarges your world view and helps you discover the limitless possibilities of the imagination. In addition, as the brilliance of uplifting literature takes hold, the resurgence of mind will help to usher in an era of free thought and improvement of the human species.

Sustenance of the Mind

The roots of poetry and storytelling first verbal the written, is most important secret of how humanity survived throughout the ages. When an eager mind reads uplifting words and catches the evanescent breeze of liberating thought, there can be no return to darkness. Liberation poetry is the sustenance of the mind and the key to humanity's success.

Starting a Quest for the Liberated Mind

One beginning could utilize comprehensive literature and fine art; those endeavors that educate and elucidate as much as they entertain. Nineteenth Century Romanticism swept away old shibboleths and a new secular enlightenment began. The roots of slavery were being cultivated out of the consciousness of that era by brave thinkers, scientists and daring pragmatic engineers.

What Will be Our Future

Our task in the Age of the Internet is to reincarnate a creative, freethinking and caring global community, as we make our way toward and then beyond the stars. Our path is up from darkness and ignorance, in an ascent of mind into the light of rational freedom.

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Best regards.

R. L. Lyons


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