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Holistic Health

     The human brain, operates in a very special manner during sleep. Sleeping brain power involves the subtleties of our mind when we experience a special state called Epsilon Sleep. Your self engaging mind clears away long-standing cobwebs of the day's endeavors and with self-nurturing rest. During Epsilon Sleep you are somnambulistic, which is a state of complete rest and relaxation. It is possible under the right conditions to gradually reprogram your mind and body for better living during Epsilon Sleep by engaging the body's phenomenon of Epigenetics.

Biophysical training methods using epigenetics can tell your genes how to control certain functions to express or repress your DNA. This process in effect enables physical and mental changes during your sleep. During that special time, you are able to influence your body’s DNA to suppress or enhance your physical or mental characteristics, and thus help you become what you want to be. We all know what we would like to be, but motivating our mind, body and life circumstance is difficult. This comes from the intricacies and demands of living. But during Epsilon Sleep the walls of physical resistance constructed by daily living are temporality down, allowing marvelous changes to take place.

     Enhancing or suppressing your body’s characteristics through epigenetics is a key to enjoying a fantastic state of existence. Holistic Health helps you feel vibrant as you awaken, ready to ‘take on the day’ and excellently go about your life at a mental and physical peak.

     Epigenetics is a unique process that during a specific sleep period, which can be identified by epsilon waves, indicates a fully rested mind, which can process mental concepts to produce profound changes in your life. This effect also continues during wakefulness, while feeling relaxed, robust and open to innovative ideas. And in this regard, the art of Holistic Health can also direct your day’s efforts to integrate your body and mind into a well organized system.

     Things, processes and objectives just seem to fall into place. However, if you find yourself up against a challenging task or short of a goal, just take a nap of less than twenty-minutes in a quiet spot to help resolve the problem. While entering this super-nap, as it were, you automatically reflect back to your Holistic Health sleep mode and quickly find ways to resolve your difficulty. it has been said that Thomas Edison used this sleep method to refresh his mind as well as his fellow scientists, engineers and technicians.

     The Holistic Health process begins with preparing for an restful sleep session, which you will find as you get deeper into this phenomenon, is more than a loom knitting up the ragged sleeve of the day's cares. Sleep actually is dynamic and requires some preparation and pre-sleep preparation as listed below.

      These are the twelve keys for setting up your sleep area for an excellent rest as part of your Holistic Health and Epsilon sleep session:

  1. Use a HEPA filter across the room in dusty areas (sniffing/coughing can interrupt deep epsilon sleep.
  2. Help yourself breath clear at night with a sniff of Aller-Flo® (Glucocorticoid).
  3. Minimize electrical appliances in the sleeping area, including appliances, radio and a television set.
  4. Avoid excessively stimulating entertainment, such as violence, war and criminality; also commercials, are designed to make you nervous and thus buy things to resolve that nervousness.
  5. Place your alarm or radio across the room (getting away from your bed is a good engine starter.)
  6. Protect the area around your head from electrical wires (60 Hertz radiation upsets deep sleep).
  7. Remove cellphones/mobile phones to another room and turn it OFF (use personal messages to catch up.)
  8. It might sound like less than démodé or out of fashion to remove your Fitbit® but you don't need it to sleep soundly.
  9. Prepare for sleep with a light meal at dinner time with a small glass of light wine.
  10. Refrain from drinking coffee later than four in the afternoon of that day.
  11. A glass of wine with dinner is nice, if that is your choice but no drugs.
  12. Enter a sleep session with an open and creative attitude with your goal for tomorrow in mind ('sleep on it.')

     These twelve pre-sleep steps can open the door to many extraordinary sleep adventures, and a wonderful life.
      If in your own experience you discover additional tricks or tips in this endeavor pass them along.

     While the brain is extremely complex, with some epigenetic pre-conditioning you can move into beneficial
     mind-wave patterns, which are miniscule brain waves but are observable and can be measured.

     Doing yoga breathing A.K.A. Breath Work and Navy Seal-type breathing can relax the lungs and your entire body
     and make sleep more productive. The trick is to approach your sleep time with a very quiet body and a quiet
     mind. Following the ten steps above will enable you experience the powerful secrets of fully restful sleep
     and even more.

Background Information:
     The intensity of brain waves change depending on your mental and physical state. The sleeping brain waves we know about are: Theta, Alpha, Beta and Epsilon States:
     The esoteric or hidden area of the Epsilon State is involved with the deepest and most restful state, and it hovers
around 0.1 – 0.5 to 1.25 Hz. As your mind and body approaches this somnambulistic state, the brain waves intensity
grows in amplitude. The Epsilon State approaches a condition similar to ‘suspended animation,' during which
a person should not be disturbed.

     This is a state where you're fully aware but without the muscle twitching and eye movement of the Alpha State. Since your body is in a state of total rest, your breathing is very deep, slow and you will manifest a slowed heartbeat, respiration and pulse. This minimal activity makes it difficult to sense and record the Epsilon waves.
      But in this state the magic of transformation and spiritual growth begins, and you can enter the world of the “third eye” with all its spiritual and esoteric traditions. Keeping things simple is best.
      Before you go to sleep, think gently about relaxing every part of your body, and read metaphysical books until you drift off into a hypnogogic dream sleep. Here things get a bit nonsensical and whimsical but that state passes very quickly as you easily drift into light sleep.

       One way to recall sleep experiences is to keep a meditation diary. It's best to use a plain hard cover book and write in pen. Don't be concerned or too editorial about your notes if they are a bit fuzzy and off the wall.
     The conscious mind under control of the left or analytical hemisphere, can be a bit critical of thoughts produced during what Professor Julian Jaynes calls bicameral thinking or complete brain cognizance.

     It is said that some yogis and meditation masters are able to achieve this state on demand at any time because they very well versed in this art. Epsilon waves are so low in frequency (Hertz) that most electroencephalogram (EEG) devices are not able to measure them.
      Epsilon waves around 0.5 Hz require a low-noise environment with minimal 60 Hertz interference. Since our world is immersed in 50 and 60-Hertz frequencies with their harmonics all over the electromagnetic spectrum, the sleeping environment must be electrically quiet and as free as possible from this sort of interference.

     The benefits of accessing the Epsilon wave state can be an extraordinary state of consciousness, one of a much higher awareness, and possibly a state of suspended animation. Adhering to the twelve guidelines above will help to get you down into the Epsilon wave state, and experience the magic of connection” between the body and the spirit provided by the sleep experience.

     Epsilon wave sleep condition is conducive for inter-human communications. Upon wakening from such a controlled or naturally produced Epsilon State, the mind is clear and ideas flow like rivers of creation. Most sleepers miss the Epsilon state because of intense mental activity before turning in to sleep. As you relax and go deeper into sleep, Theta waves with frequency components in the 4 to 7 Hz range occur. These provide memory formation thus they are involved with mechanisms of learning, remembrance, meditation, recall, motor behavior, sensorimotor processing or active motor behavior such as walking or physical exercise. Alpha waves occur at around 8-12 Hz and when measured from your frontal lobes provides an estimate of your relaxed state and can enhances your creative energy.

Additional information on the workings of the Epsilon state:
     This esoteric area of the Holistic Health paradigm will prepare you to experience some fantastic secrets about the here-to-fore mysterious mind-body connection. The human body contains some 100 billion neurons, which as part of our nervous system including the brain, spinal cord communicates with every part of the body. The body’s nerve channels are made up of almost invisible threads woven into an extensive network, which are all directed by the influence of your Pineal Gland a brain organ that supports many body functions.

     The Pineal Gland provides melatonin to help you to go deep in a sleep mode, and it also acts as a nerve control center. This brain like area integrates our right and left cerebral hemispheres in the silence of our deepest sleep, yokes the power of our nervous system to produce a thought transmitting system. Expanding this mode is assisted by the pineal gland by production of  dimethyltryptamine (DMT). This hormone is a neurotransmitter dependent on that has particular functions mainly linked to the “connection” between the body and the spirit. During our alpha-wave sleep period after making great leaps in mental activity during the Epsilon wave state this physical extension of our brain is connected by the pineal mind, to enable communication with our wonderful worldwide 'human Internet.' This communication is made possible by your millions of connected nerve fibers, which compose your body’s nervous system.

     The body’s nervous system is made up of neurotransmitters wired into a physical 'antenna' that if stretched out straight wold would extends for miles. Our nervous system’s communication network produces an extra-corporeal phenomenon that acts as an antenna, of over approximately 70 miles in length. As a result of its resonant frequency of 7.5 Hertz, human alpha-waves can propagate through the entire length of our nervous system and beyond the body. Our neurotransmitters develop nerve impulses, during our dream time, at a signal strength of about 110 millivolts. This signal level is strong enough during large excursions of our alpha waves to launch our thoughts like a radio broadcast signals at a speed of up to 100 meters per second right off the ends of our nerves.
     We can with this message transmission system produce a grand orchestration of our ideas by joining the Universal Mind and communicate with any like-minded living being. In addition, if our ancestor's spirits remain strong in our memories, we can contact them as well. This can be manifested from our readings and research of a famous author or scientist who think similar thoughts. In other words, we are making a mental bond from each creative or literary person in our lives to our mental conceptions.
     This is learning of the highest degree, where all thoughts are linked together at that special time of night, to share, analyze and compare. These efforts and the resulting phenomenon have made us the greatest civilization the world has ever known.
     Under those specific conditions transmit our ideas into the local environment. This supports the concept, and magical attraction if you will, of a university or college campus to produce higher learning and valuable research. Thus, when similar minds of unique academic persuasions, gather, work and sleep in a collegiate environment, they can assist each other in the expansion of their minds and grow their intellect. This phenomenon can also be seen or observed in more informal gatherings of individuals, such as in a commune, kibbutz, or seminary, where people cohabit one another, share similar thoughts and have similar goals. Therefore, the act of staying at a monastery on a retreat for instance for a period of time enables a religious person to learn and concentrate on the ways of his religion and enjoy the glorious state of grace pervading that environment.
     Then when we arise in the morning, we are able to share during our awakening our connections with other awakening minds, and together we can yoke the power of our marvelous nervous systems to produce far reaching thoughts. At this special time, it is possible to create instinctively driven masterpieces of creative art, new modes of expansive living and positive contributions to our all-encompassing culture.
As you continue to enjoy learning about Holistic Health and the Community of Mind, send us a message to share your story and leave any comments.

     Maintain excellent health, and as you increase your strength and vitality or make other body-mind advancements,
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