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     Your health is the starting point to a full and exciting life. Without considering maximized health as an important aspect of your life, day-to-day existence can throw you back to a state of primative subsistence. Let's not bide our time; make every minuet better by asking is this situation the best for me?

     Our families support and nurture us until we get out on our own. Freedom is the challenge and a young person's goal. But, if when we are released from a caring and nurturing environment, there is the possibility that we might thrust ourselves into harsh living conditions or into an existential survival mode.

Then with bordom an ordinary individual might seek stimulants or irrational living. But you are not ordinary, the fact that you were intriqued by the Mandala and clicked a few links of interest, indicates that you are a seeker.

Without a search for better health our body awarness slowly withers, ordinariness looms in the future. This can occur internally by depriving our bodies of good nutrition, abandoning our magnificent minds with unnecessary external stimulation. The best move to start down the road to a creative mind is to use the 'mute button' more than less, then in those spare minutes think temporarily about your excellent lifestyle and jot down a few notes on how it might be possible to maximize Your life.

Contstellation M81

Maintain excellent health to continue around the Lifestyles Mandala by visiting our Maximized Personal Health Care page, and put our suggestions into practice. As you increase your strength and vitality or make other advancements, send us a message.

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Thursday, January 21, 2021