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There is currently no reason to believe that the overall climate of the Earth has known any man-made modification. All the arguments to prove the changes are based on, calculation or model errors

The Global Climate Change


Many experts believe global warming of the climate of the Earth is a given and has been demonstrated to be factual.  There is no day the media through the press, radio, TV and the Internet, does not evoke and predict a global warming catastrophe in our future. 

Public opinion entices us to politically regulate, legislate and monetize a non-existent problem.  Boldly presenting this ersatz phenomenon as a certainty with hyperbolic reports of continuing evidence such as: melting glacial ice, severe storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, rising seas and torrid temperatures in selected areas of the world. 

Knowledgeable scientists, meteorologists and news commentators claim of course that these observable facts are humankind’s fault. This ersatz paranoia leads the unwary to accept these false premises.  The inevitable conclusion by the listening and voting public is to formulate a rapid response to resolve this threatening problem.

But when we examine the evidence with a careful eye and common sense it is easy to find that the "sky is falling approach" is based on a shady mapping, crafty graphing, hoax conclusions and out right deception. 

This falsification of scientific thought is a deliberate corruption of climate logic, and is a pointless crusade to kill commerce. Very few scientists and reasearchers will risk loosing their grants, research support and social standing by stating the obvious. All it takes is an honest approach to the data.


The conspiracy is based on facts as summarized below, and thoroughly delineated in a 195-page white paper entitled:
“The Battle Against Global Warming: an Absurd, Costly and Pointless Crusade"
Société de Calcul Mathématique, S. A, Paris, France.  


1.    Available data is insufficient to allow any conclusions


2.     Distribution of 1,600 times the quantity of currently available temperature sensors (3,000) surface and ocean stations, sophisticated satellite measurement tools poses a Herculean task. A more realistic quantity approaches approximately five-million sensors.


3.     The time domain temperature measurement capabilities and the real time organization of that information in to a daily, monthly and annual average is huge;


4.     Stratification of the atmosphere into unique temperature zones and natural variability of the air itself stand in the way of making cohesive measurements (how many layers are essential);


5.     As a result of this complexity and scope global warming is presented as a façade employing methodologies, which provide evidence in the form of summary points, crude measurements, empirical and incomplete data gathering, and computerized modeling; all of which can entice researchers to make ambiguous judgments;


6.     The findings drawn from a lack of any predictive value, even if a thousand times more accurate, still do not support the intended premise of global warming;


7.     The "evidence" provided by hundreds of invalidated sources and measurements, prove absolutely nothing;


8.  Temperature is an intensive, independent variable, which can only be measured, while energy is an extensive, dependent variable, which can be averaged.

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The Battle Against Global Warming: an Absurd, Costly and Pointless Crusade

en francais:
Le réchauffement climatique : mystifications et falsifications

"The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science."