Get a Better Night's Sleep

Getting a better night's sleep is so important in today's fast paced way of life. Sleep soundly
with no drugs or inconvenient pills using LifeWave's Silent Night patches.

By seeking new methods of caring for our health, based on ancient wellness methods, LifeWave
can at last enable us become the masters of our wellness destiny, rather than the other way round.
The LifeWave system can help us to:

      Please join the worldwide health, wellness revolution with a LifeWave® Membership

Overall bio-holographic energy patterns can be distorted by either extreme.
This makes a person feel uncomfortable. LifeWave patches, on the other hand, help balance
the body during these unpleasant conditions, and help maintain a feeling of balance and
well being.

The LifeWave program can support skin during dry conditions by better distribution and
utilization of body fat reserves. How does that sound? A thin, good looking body with
smooth supple skin.

The patches are worn over but not touching the body's acupressure points, which are
highly sensitive areas of the body's vibrational energy channels. The acupressure points
are keys to our body's vast meridians or channels of the bio-energy system. Our under-
standing of the ancient Oriental knowledge shows these currents of healthy energy flowing
from the soles of our feet through our legs, trunk, arms and into our neck and head.

Applying LifeWave patches to these energy points can influence and improve our health
and wellness without the necessity of puncturing the skin or applying inconvenient pressure.

To one understands vibrational energy than LifeWave researchers. You can learn and
share this profound wisdom with your LifeWave membership. Also, our staff of support
advisors can help you every step of the way. Wellness and success go hand in hand with

To your health, wealth and success!

Best Regards,

Ron Lyons 


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