Getting a Better Night's Sleep. 

Getting your best night's sleep is so important in today's fast paced way of life. Sleeping soundly with no drugs, noises, television or inconvenient pills is the most efficient way to heal and rejuvenate your body.

By seeking new methods of caring for your health, based on ancient wellness techniques, you can become the masters of your wellness destiny, rather than the other way round.
The Holographic Health Program can help you to:

Overall bio-holographic energy patterns can be distorted by extreme stress.
Placing your hands and fingers on Accupressure points can help balance
your body during tense conditions, and help maintain a feeling of balance and
well being.

The Squalane Oil when rubbed on your pressure points supports your holographic balance.

When you utilize Squalane Oil from deep-sea shark liver as part of a skin support program your skin will feel wonderful while you heal life's little bumps and scratches.

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To your health, wealth and success!

Best Regards,

Ron Lyons 


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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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                Get a Better Night's Sleep