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Design an Epigenetics Lifestyle

Experience your own eternal health adventure with proactive health through Epigenetics.

Our body's epi-genetic expression tailors our genomic structure and differentiates us into our physical being, unique personality traits and social lives. Understanding that we can control our genomic destiny with epigenetic liberates us from the past beliefs, restrictions on how we see ourselves and any possible future limitations.

This recent discovery based on the Human Genome Project, opens a new world of a more humanistic existence, a new world of global experience and profound enjoyment. Understanding how we are globally linked by an ancient creative DNA sequence, which has matured over the centuries into personally unique individuals is fantastically liberating. The expression and song title "We Are the World' rings so very true when we consider our common heritage and with its myriad ways of expressing a person's indivuality.

Thus our epi-genetic tailoring modifies how we live and experience our bodies. Epigenetics is a long term process; it enculturates and matures us from birth right into our productive years. Knowing this we can consicously and dynamically take an active role our own health care; or as it more rightly should be stated, taking care of our health. In other words, don't put off good health, and then expect the medical industry to take care of you after the fact.

First of all, they are hard pressed to give you the unique attention your body deserves. Secondly, even with all the rooms of data they have gathered about you, they still don't know a tenth of really what makes you tick. It is now possible, with an understanding of your current health status, make changes to your nutritional methods and as a result, control your own health. With an understanding of how epigenetics can modulate and modify your gene structure, you can, using the tools and information available on the Internet to gather health knowledge, analyze your activities and habits and then design yourself a more healthy, epigenetics-based lifestyle.

Observation is the key. Check your personal parameters on a daily basis. Don't get behind by more than two days. Remember eternal vigilance is the price of liberty; in this case it is wellness liberty. As a sad example, I was so busy with my business and vacation plans that I ignored signs of a looming illness, rushed to finish off some contracts and then went on a month's vacation. When I returned from vacation, with its stresses and overextension, I wound up in hospital. Considering the price I paid, my lack of health oversight was a tough lesson learned.

Eating to Live, Not the other Way Round

Once you've developed your plan for epigenetic excellence and commence your nutrition and activity schedule, consider the following Epigenetics Lifestyle Program hints:

Therefore, if you max out with a good vitamin and mineral regime (see Epi-Max chart below) at breakfast, then you can beat the urge to snack or overeat. When you eat a good breakfast and support that with the Epi-Max proactive health plan, your activities will be supported by a more efficient cellular level operation, and here is the best part: Your epigenetic structure will recognize that it has support from every angle. Someone said "Better Living Through Chemistry" that sort of still applies but it now could read: "Better Living through Epi-genetics." All in all you will benefit from better nutritional utilization, and build your body's genetics into a vibrant bio-energetic hologram. By that I mean a radient being, with which people love associate, converse and admire.

When your system operates at 110% efficiency, as a result of having maximum EGS energy, you feel on top of the world all through your day. An important part of a powerful EGS lifestyle is the art of changing your life as an example to which other might aspire. Also, you migt want to investigate:

Using the general guidelines above, you can feel like doing all the things you have dreamed of', and the important think is you have all the time in the world. With the EGS Lifestyle Program you will make the age of one-hundred into the new fifty, and be able to do it in style.

Try this program for at least a month, your high-level energy and stamina will make overeating the last thing you'll think of in your busy day. Also, by keeping up this regime up for six months, you will rebuild yourself a new, rejuvenated body (NOTE: your body rebuilds itself cell-by-cell in half a year; so make this half your best). And, as a bonus, when you are on the the EGS Lifestyle Program you will eat eat to live, not live to eat. Quality protein is the key to good health, not excessive high-glyceminc index starch or worthless junk food.

Listed below are the three most important aspects of health care.  Mind you, I did not say health repair; that is another important subject for your health practitioner. This web page is about health care, which consists of utilizing theEGS Lifestyle Program to maximize your life, obtain enhanced energy, maximize your immunity and have a long pleasurable life.

After the Fact Health is Too Little Too Late

Waiting until a physical situation sets your body up for health repair is not smart. There are so many good health discoveries ahead of everyone, that if you are moderately heathy now, from day forward living beyond one-hundred years of age will be the norm. Therefore, stay healthy, maximize your health and enjoy ever minute of your life for the rest of your life.

Real health care starts at an early age, between twenty-five and thirty and continues for as long as you live. When we think about this concept, It is better to start the battle against free-radical aging and cellular breakdown early in life; just as you would a utilize a life insurance program.

The key to maximum health is understanding the functions of our mitochondrial cells, which are the body's cellular powerhouses. As these cells provide energy for living, working and exercise, they exude waste products, and among those are free-radicals. These are remnants of molecules that have participated in the body's energy process, and have been stripped of vital component atoms. Unchecked these nasty troublemakers can shorten the length of our DNA's telomeres, which has the ability to replicate life. When these are broken, damaged and shortened, then your life is inevitably shortened.

Give Yourself a Chance Against Free-Radicals

Free-radicals can, in addition to shorten DNA's telomeres, they can also break DNA strands, cross-link muscle fibers and irritate epithelial linings of blood vessels, gastrointestinal track, and air passage ways. Smoking is a virulent generator of free radical due to the intense heat of the burning tobacco. The body requires at least 1000 milligrams each day. We do not synthesize our own supply of Vitamin-C like other mammals. We lost that capability 25 million years ago when our distance ancestors, the jungle primates preferring a vitamin-C rich fruit diet, dropped the synthesizing process as unnecessary. Fruit and salad greens grew so abundantly that their metabolism did not need to struggle that hard. Consequently as part of our evolution from our primate cuisons, we don't make ascorbic acid like cats, cannines and other non-fruit eaters.

Vitamin-C supports our body's metabolic processes in two-hundred areas, but since we don't produce it we must get it somehow or die from scurvy. The British Admirialty discovered this and forced their sailors to have half a lime per day. Take for example the fact that one cigarette can destroy 25 milligrams of Vitamin-C instantly. Add this to losses produced by a pack of twenty cigarettes, or being in a room with second-hand smoke, and you start getting into real health jeopardy. This loss if extended for days or weeks could be interpreted by our epigenetics structure as a case of scurvy and in an attempt to help the body survive, many higher-order processes come to a halt until the shortage is restored; including creative thinking and keen judgement. This could be compared to running on the edge of survival with one step separating us from disaster.

Have an Exciting and Wonderful Rest of Your Life

Trace minerals are important for maximizing your body's every activity. The main thing is to consider is: How you do you feel now, and how can you begin to feel better every day?  As a personal observation, starting at age 31, primative aspects of this program helped me forty years and it still keeps me going strong into my seventies. So, whatever your condition of health, you must start now if you want to have a wonderful rest of your life.

Getting starting on the EGS Lifestyle Program as soon as possible is the important thing to do at any point in youl life.  Just click the links below to discover the nutraceuticals you need, and formulate your own Life-Max regime. If you need any help tailoring the program, please email me, and I will discuss the linked items with you. Between the two of use we can determine a schedule that is right for you.

NOTE: Just to be on the safe side, check with your health care practitioner before finalizing your Lifes-Max program to ensure this program is right for you.(1)  Quantities are for each day; divide amounts as you see fit. See important information concerning each nutrient on the relevant website page, and compare the cautions and notes with your requirements. Certain nutriseuticals are marked below with a reference number. The reference numbers link to the notes at the bottom of this web page. If you general information on getting started, then e-mail, with the word "Life-Max info" in the title, to

Epi-Max Health Care Program*  

Maximum Energy
Maximum Immunity
Maximum Longevity
Vitamin D3, 5000 IU & Vitamin-K2 90 mcg.
(1 capsule per day.) (Not for those on blood thi
nners or anti- coagulants)
Twinlab - Super E Complex 1000 IU
(Two softgel per day. If these are too large try five 400 IU capsules.)
RNA (ribonucleic acid) 500 mg. (3)
Twinlab - Stress B-Complex
(one cap with breakfast)
Vitamin-C 1000 mg.
(1cap; but at start of a cold or flu 5-10 a day.)
Phosphatidylserine Complex
(helps support memory and cognitive function)
Ginseng Complex  (4, 5, 6)
Super Zeaxanthin W/Lutein  (5, 6)
Ginkgo Biloba   (120 mg. per day)
(helps support memory and cognitive function)

(1 gram
30 minutes before going to sleep) (5, 6)
Zinc, 50 mg. (2, 5, 6)
Grape Seed Extract & Reservatrol
Mineral Complex Magnesium Citrate 500 Mg.
EPA, 300 mg. & DHA, 200 mg.
* The listed nutriseuticals are only sugggestions, and are not intended to diagnose or cure disease. (Note 1.)

I feel better than I ever did before! Once during my thirties, I was working days and going to college nights, and a friend at work took a look at me, and asked if I felt tired. I said yes with my work/school routine I wondered how I could finish each day. She handed me a few vitamins and mineral complex capsules. I considered her suggestion, and tried them; after a few days I had strength and vitality that lasted far into a night's studying. And my vibrant life goes on: enhanced energy, immunity and longevity have become my daily companions, and they will be for many years to come.

Now its is your turn; take charge of your own health and immunity.

Questions or comments, click to send an e-mail with your question or suggestion.
Best regards for your health.







All content ©2014 Ronald L. Lyons


  (1.)      This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
                    Recommendations on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.
  (2.)     This is an optimal amount; increases beyond this amount of Zinc can affect copper in the body.
  (3.)      Get plenty of water with RNA, and ensure at least 400 mg. Magnesium and 500 mg. Calcium.
  (4.)     These enhance health recommendations are not for pregnant women or children.
 (5.)    Keep all nutraceuticals and vitamins out of children's reach.
 (6.)    Read pertinent label information before use; do not exceed provider


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