Design Your Own Epigenetics Lifestyle

Follow your own eternal health quest with these proactive epigenetics techniques.

Your body's epigenetic expression tailors your body and differentiates you into a unique one-of-a-kind physical being. By familiar with these concepts and following this program you can tailor your own individual epigenetic characteristics and body structure over time. Understanding and applying a few simple epigenetic life changes allows you to control your destiny in a manner not available till now. With advances in research and applied science, epigenetic modulation of your genomic structure makes it possible to liberate yourself from your former lifestyle. The science and methods of epigenetics helps you live a long enjoyable life.
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Modern Lifestyles

Today you could possibly benefit from comprehensive epigenetic life style nutrition by adding additional micronutrients that might be missing from your diet. By using organic and crop rotation farming methods of the past,you would have available a more complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals available before the days of industrial food production, but now these important factors have been taken out through highly mechanized agriculture, narrow-focus fertilization, growing crops with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), extensive food processing and a host of non-natural and non-organic practices (most additives in food today are for preservation purposes).

The Epigenetic Lifestyle is a Daily Proposition

Your epigenetic structure will recognize when it is provided nutritional support on a twenty-four-seven basis. It is like the body becomes accustomed to good nutrition and responds with good health. Your body and mind become accustomed to excellence, and as a result your epigenetic profile moves a bit more toward ideal perfection. Continue in this manner and you will tune your body and mind to accept less food as you utilize it more efficiently. Also, this approach can help you beat the urge to snack or overeat. When you eat a good breakfast and support that with the EGS Lifestyle Health Care Plan, all your activities will be boosted by more efficient cellular-level operation, and here is the best part: Years ago someone proffered the marketing phrase "Better Living Through Chemistry" that might applied to our industrial way of living, but now it might also read: "Better Living through epigenetics"

The Epigenetic Lifestyle Health Care Plan

On the other hand, with the EGS Lifestyle Health Care Plan you can build your body's genetic structure into a vibrant bioenergetic hologram. If a truly psychic person observed you, in your radiant glory, they would be impressed with your energy field. In effect you could become a more brilliant a person than you have ever been. You could become a person with whom other people love to associate, converse, admire and respect.

Observation is the Key

Observe how you live your life and then learn from it. Check your personal health parameters on a daily basis (at the end of day is a great time to do a health assessment). Don't allow yourself to get behind by more than two days. Remember "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"; in this case it is your "wellness-liberty" you are defending. So many of life's diversions and activities can sway us from doing the right thing to constantly enhance our epigenetic makeup. Work, travel, entertainment and pushing the existential envelope beyond limits are some sad examples.

How to Use These Lifestyle Suggestions

Using the general guidelines on this website, you can feel like doing all the things you have dreamed of', and the important think is, you have all the time in the world. With the EGS Lifestyle Health Care Plan you might make the age of one-hundred into the new fifty, and do it in grand style. Try this program for at least a month, your high-level energy and stamina will make overeating the last thing you'll think of in your busy day. Also, by keeping up this regime up for six months, you will rebuild yourself a new, rejuvenated body.

Eat to Live and Support Your Epigenetic Structure

And, as a bonus, when you are on the the EGS Lifestyle Health Care Plan you will eat eat to live, not live to eat. Quality protein is the key to good health, not excessive hypoglycemic index starch or worthless junk food. The key is to follow your protein intake with vitamin C and vitamin B6; these are the nutrients that maximize utilization of the protein by conversion to glucose in the liver and deriving energy from that glucose in the Krebs cycle.

Listed below are the three most important aspects of health care.  Mind you, I did not say health repair plan; that is another important subject for your health practitioner. This web page is about health care, which consists of utilizing the EGS Lifestyle Plan to maximize your life, obtain enhanced energy, maximize your immunity and have a long pleasurable life.

After-the-Fact-Health is Too Little, Too Late

Waiting until a physical situation sets your body up for health repair is not smart. There are so many good health discoveries ahead of us that if you are moderately heathy now, from this day forward on this plan the possibilities of living beyond one-hundred years of age will be the norm. Therefore, stay healthy, maximize your health and enjoy ever minute of your life for the rest of your life.

Real health care starts at an early age, between twenty-five and thirty and continues for as long as you live. When we think about this concept, It is better to start the battle against free-radical aging and cellular breakdown early in life; just as you would a utilize a life insurance program at a young age when rates are less expensive. As with so many things waiting till later costs more.

Mitochondria your Cells' Energy Powerhouse

The key to maximum health is understanding the functions of our mitochondrial cells, which are the body's cellular powerhouses. As these cells provide energy for living, working and exercise, they exude waste products, and among such wastes are free-radicals. These are remnants of molecules that have participated in the body's energy process, and have been stripped of vital component atoms.

Unchecked free-radicals can shorten the length of our DNA's telomeres, which normally have the ability to replicate and prolong our lives. When these are broken, damaged and shortened, then your life is inevitably shortened. Also, pollution donates an inordinate share of free-radicals to our epigenetic work load. Breathing fresh air is paramount for good health.

Give Yourself a Chance Against Free Radicals

Free-radicals can, in addition to shortening DNA telomeres, they can also break DNA strands, cross-link muscle fibers and irritate epithelial linings of blood vessels, gastrointestinal track, and air passage ways. Smoking, among other deleterious effects, is a virulent generator of free radical due to the intense heat of the burning tobacco. The body requires at least 1000 milligrams of Vitamin-C and 500 milligrams of L-Glutathione each day for good health. The trick with this master nutrient, is first thing upon awakening take your L-Glutathione in a vegetarian capsules on an empty stomach with a large 8 ounce glass of filtered water. This way since water is neutral, your stomach will produce no digestive acid that might interact with the L-Glutathione and reduce its effectivity. In addition, the veggie capsule with less protein than animal-derived gelatine, calls for less stomach acid.

We do synthesize our own supply of L-Glutathione, but it reduces with age. On the other hand with Vitamin-C we have lost the capability to produce this marvelous nutrient 25 million years ago when our distant hereditary ancestors, the jungle primates, preferring a vitamin-C rich fruit diet, dropped the ascorbic acid synthesizing process from their metabolism as unnecessary. Fruit and salad greens grew so abundantly that their metabolism did not need to struggle that hard to ward off germs and stressful conditions. Consequently as part of our evolution from our primate cousins, we don't make ascorbic acid like cats, canines and other non-fruit eaters
There is a major caveat about L-Glutathione, as we age our bodies produce less and less each year; the answer to that issue is to consume a daily amount of 500 milligrams of L-Glutathione at least a half-hour before breakfast

Vitamin-C and L-Glutathione (reduced) Our Two Master Nutrients

Vitamin-C supports our body's metabolic processes in two-hundred areas, but since we don't produce it we must get it somehow or die from scurvy. The British Admiralty discovered this and forced their sailors to have half a lime per day when they were at sea. Take for example the fact that one cigarette can destroy 25 milligrams of Vitamin-C instantly. Add this to losses produced by a pack of twenty cigarettes, or being in a room with second-hand smoke, and you start getting into real health jeopardy. Since L-Glutathione protects every cell in our body all the time in your many trillions of cells, make an attempt to keep your body's supply of L-Glutathione at the effective level of 500 milligrams a day is a key to MAX-HEALTH.

NOTE: A sly way to do this is to take your 500 mg. at a time when your stomach is completely empty. I like to do this as the last thing before sleep at night; the later the better. This prevents enzymes and acids of digestion from breaking down the L-Glutathione (reduced) as part of normal food processing.

Since Vitamin-C is a food rather than just a vitamin, loss loss of it if extended for days or weeks could be interpreted by our health system and epigenetic structure as a case of scurvy. And in an attempting to help the body survive, many higher-order processes come to a halt until the shortage is restored, including creative thinking and keen judgement. This could be thought of as running as hard as possible on the edge of survival with one step separating us from disaster.

Have an Exciting and Wonderful Rest of Your Life

Trace minerals are important for maximizing your body's every activity. The main thing is to consider is: How you do you feel now, and how would you like to feel better every day?  As a personal observation, starting at age 31, primitive aspects of this program helped me forty years and it still keeps me going strong into my seventies. So, whatever your condition of health, you must start now if you want to have a wonderful rest of your life.

Getting starting on the EGS Lifestyle Plan as soon as possible is the important thing to do at any point in your life.  Just click the links below to discover the nutraceuticals you need, and formulate your own EGS Lifestyle Health Care Plan. If you need any help tailoring the program, e-mail me, and I will discuss the linked items with you. Between the two of use we can determine a schedule that is right for you.

Your Personal Story is the one that Counts

As a basis of this regime, since the time I discovered the benefits of taking care of ones health, I have followed, if you'll pardon the expression, religiously Dr. Denham Harman's theory on aging where free-radicals have been found to be responsible for the bulk effects of cell deterioration, chromosome telomere shortening, production of high molecular density proteins in the brain and a host of other deleterious physical problems. The aging process can be slowed by reducing free radicals with a healthy diet, which includes an egg a day, circumin, L-Glutathione (reduced) late at night, regular exercise and B vitamins and nutrients. In addition, not smoking and limiting drinking alcohol can reduce oxidative stress and its deleterious effects.

Eating to Live

Before you develop a plan for your new epigenetic lifestyle quest and jump right into your nutrition and epigenetic support activities, consider the following lifestyle enhancing and stress reducing hints:




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January 14, 2023
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Modifying our Lives is a Human Destiny

In the past a person's life was static, his or her position in life was fixed, and others in some high ivory tower ruled every aspect of life. Now no on rules our private lives and everything is in flux. We are more or less on our own to discover our own destiny. Becoming more aware of alternative  medicine's power to bring about a new paradigm of wellness and longevity is every ones right. In fact those who are striving for better health, to the tune of approximately 100 million participants, are living longer and more vibrant lives. Regardless of what the detractors say, most of whom, by the way, have agendas that care little for our successes in alternative approaches to health care. On the other hand, epigenetic tailoring of your entire body's DNA system allows you to create your own alternative health care destiny.

Enhance your Physical and Mental Capability

Epigenetics can, with diligence on your part, help you modify how you live and experience the total capability of your body and mind for as long as you live. Increasingly in our time, and possibly more so in the future, we will be liberated from the static confines of our DNA and its limited aspects of biological control. Take for instance the new breakthrough Niagen™ this nutraceuticals enables your own body to improve intracellular communication through enhanced mitochondrial activity; thus it might help you maintain a more youthful body and mind.

Understanding is the First Key

With an understanding of epigenetics, and utilization of that knowledge to change your lifestyle, you can take charge of and re-make your life as you see fit. In the past it was fatalistic to accept what life handed you; acceptance was the norm. Now, choice is your destiny. But be warned tailoring your epigenetics is not an overnight cure or a remedy of any medical sort for an existing disease or condition; it is a long term process. Just as forty years of smoking sets a person up for many wellness challenges, forty years of epigenetic lifestyle modification can make you very well indeed. Scientists have now learned that a person's body through the process of RNA/DNA replication rebuilds itself cell-by-cell in half a year. So now you have the chance to make this half your better half, and in the next six months, you can become better than you were previously.

Epigenetics is a Self-empowering Integration and Education

An epigenetics lifestyle integrates and educates your genes and DNA and thus controls subtle aspects of your health and outlook from birth; this process creates in effect the unique person that you are. Knowing this fact it is possible to consciously and dynamically take an active role your own health care right now. In other words you are self-empowered to live well and enjoy your life. With this new freedom and capability for self-controlled wellness comes responsibility. Don't put off your good health care today or in the near future, and then expect the allotropic medical industry to take care of you later, after you get sick. Allotropic medicine, which tries to treat only your separate parts, is too compartmentalized to recognize the whole person as a biological hologram; in actuality their effort are little too late.

Modern Medicine Requires Re-integration Back into Nature's Ways

Slowly, with every verified success, allotropic medicine is reintegrating itself by necessity. People are moving away from 'medicine by parts' and back to the integrative medical arts. Just recently I was quite surprised to see some vitamins recommended by one forward-thinking medical doctor. The problem is at this rate of conversion to alternative medicine, will anyone be alive to see the total re-integration of the medical arts. But hope springs eternal; a very special osteopathic doctor who is making demonstrative progress in the medical industry is someone who really cares for the heath of the whole person is Dr. Joseph M. Mercola, O.D. Check out his website on the importance of soluble vitamins.

Then with epigenetics-based wellness ideas in mind, consider these thoughts before departing on your own eternal health quest.

You can send your success stories, ideas or suggestions to my e-mail address.

The comprehensive bullet list in the right column by itself, has the potential to keep you, your DNA and its resulting epigenetics profile in good stead during times of stress. Utilizing all the tricks of modern nutrition and medicine that have been discovered to date will certainly provide the proper internal support you need in this busy world.

Maximum Energy All Day

When your system operates at 110% efficiency, as a result of having maximum energy, you will feel 'on top of the world' throughout your day. An important part of a powerful EGS lifestyle is the art of changing your life as an example to which other might aspire.
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Ronald L. Lyons

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