Getting the Most Wellness Out of Life

Because our bodies are 85 percent water, and bio-energy energy flows best through well-hydrated tissue. Get the most out of your life by drinking plenty of good-quality non-sweetened filtered water.



Hydration and Energy Flow







For example, someone weighing 120 pounds and wanting to maintain better health and should drink 60 fluid- ounces of water each day. This equates to five, 12-ounce glasses over a twelve hour period.

Since a liter bottle contains approximately 34 ounces, then drinking two 1-liter bottles, one in the morning and one in the afternoon should keep your body well hydrated.

Thinking Outside the Box
Thinking about body hydration balance might shed some light on the phenomenon of high humidity having an enervating effect on our bodies, and conversely how extremely dry weather, being too excitatory.

Either can causes tense and irritable feelings. You could think of the high-humidity condition as a psychic short circuit, and dry weather as a source of excess psychic energy. Of course finding a balance is better in the long run.

Nothing in this newsletter is a cure for any disease or medical condition, and has not reviewed by the FDA.

Effects of High Atmospheric Humidity
Also there is a tendency to over eat under high-humidity conditions, because an over-stressed condition can sometimes be interpreted as hunger. On the other hand, geographical areas with constant dry weather tend to enhance psychic powers, and could possibly allow a person to operate more efficiently on a less than optimal food intake. The latter condition might tie out a person, which can also be a reason to overeat.

Extreme Dryness Can Be Detrimental
Also, an overly dry condition can sometimes make someone, not well versed in meditation, feel ill at ease, jumpy and uncomfortable. Also, this situ

Water Bottle

ation can be detrimental to the skin, which is the body's largest organ. In either case, a person's overall bio-vibrational energy patterns can be distorted by the stress of either extreme of humidity or dryness.

Maintaining Bio-vibrational Wellness
x_Products create a more-balanced
bio-hologram when the body is part of a good hydration routine. This bio-energy balance can be experienced
as a feeling of wellbeing and good tone.

Vibrational energy flows best through a moisture-rich body environment. Thus, optimal hydration is produced by drinking an amount of water each day measured in fluid ounces equal to half your body weight, measured in pounds.

The important idea to take away here is try to use your x patches whenever any unsettling discomfort arises.

Believe me, I tried to use other approaches like aspirin and non-steroidal pain relief. But since I don't like drugs or chemicals that decrease my energy, x patches, when I use them according to instructions, just gently fades away those nagging or distressful conditions. 

Then I can get on with pleasantly living a life quiet contentment.

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 Issue Date: September, 2012