Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Your life will become what you desire, if you truly want that result, and work for it.
No one will give it to you.

The Anti-Socialism Center

Socialism is slavery of the mind, spirit and body.  So called democratic socialism is enforced by philosophers, thinking that "from each ability to each need" and "total equality" are valid arguments for enslavement. They are most certainly not.

The methodology for socialism's enforcement is convincing an easily swayed mob to buy into the idea that the world is so rich in resources that we can share everything.  Possibly, the undoing of socialism will be the realization that our world is actually running short on resources.  We need freedom and creativity to find new ways to utilize our small planet.

We left feudalism in the dark ages of the past; let's leave socialism in its dark prison cell from which it sprung, and embrace the American philosophy to create a free and better world.

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