Saturday, January 12, 2019
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                  This is the one life you have inherited from your planet, and it will become what you desire!
If you truly want that result, practice Gnosticsm to provide growth through self-philosopy, meditation and good thoughts.
   There is a time of night after 2:30 am, where virtuous thoughts congregate in the pineal minds of good people. And these thoughts radiate at 7.5 Hz, by means of our internal 70-mile long nervous system, to help people throughout the world. Your sleeping meditation makes it possible for God to live in all of us. Obtain guidance from the Gnostic Pleroma, which is the link between good people. These weren known in ancient days as Cathars; may they live again.
   When you say, "God help me." Somewhere in the world or our time-space continuum, Gnostics who know and have experienced the Pleroma or universe of all minds, listen and gathering helpful thoughts for those truly in need of grace.
   After you have experionced Gnosis, help others you become an enlightened Gnostic. Observe the world for what it is and avoid what it is not. Don't accept half truths, lies and deceptions of those without grace. Do your own research, and find the truth.

The Gnostic Lifestyle Center

                                                  Our Gnostic Legacy

   This website analyses currently available lifestyle information to help you postulate new ideas and build a fresh personal view. Test these new ideas with the communication arts, references and then draw your own conclusions as to the validity of the Pleroma and its tool Gnosticism.

   Gnosticism is the forerunner of western civilization and itself has roots in several mystery schools. The Hellenic Gnosis provides me with the knowledge and experience of God by accepting human spirituality descending into the flesh and making it whole. Bewarned, Gnosticism is considered a pagan heresy by the Roman Catholics, because the child takes credit for his parent's success, and has a hard time giving credit where it is due. But the philosophical concept still exists, and it can do wonderful things for all of us.

   Gnosis can reveal itself early in the morning after our deep Epsilon sleep, which is (approximately 1.25 to 1.5 Hz). Getting to Epsilon can be difficult for heavy coffee drinkers or those having coffee after 4:00 pm. In other words the body must have slept soundly and very deeply for the state of Gnosis to awaken the pineal brain, which is the seat of the Pleroma.

   Many answers exist in libraries, personal communications and the vastness of the Internet. Like an explorer or hard-rock miner, a dedicated lifestyle explorer needs to dig them out like nuggets of the mind for contemplation, consideration and creative construction.

   All activities and thoughts of caring mankind are a legacy of our forward-looking existence. May your wellness legacy and epigenetic lifestyle be full of wonderous things and events.
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