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Our Epigenetic Legacy
Throughout our lives genetics has made us the same but epi-genetics (after genetics), which is the way our body and lifestyle expresses or interprets our genetic makeup to create our unique body type. One aspect of this concept is astounding in that we can change our body through epigenetic modulation.

Everyone is Different yet we are Incredibly the Same
Epigenetics can make us different from year to year. Therefore how we live and change our lives can modify our genes. Some scientist said that we change our body's cells every six months; except for the brain which rebuilds itself every seven years.
But in one overarching way we are extraordinarily the same. This incredible similarity relates to the most remarkable aspect of our species' long 900,000 year existence. As pointed out by Dr. Spencer Wells, reaching far back into humanity's past to 60,000 years ago, humans on the raw edge of our tool making evolution, developed a strong creative impulse. Starting with primitive survival instincts, our innovative urges have helped our species blossom, across countless millennia, into a magnificent flowering of innovative thought and abundant living.

Our Legacy of DNA, Language and Mind
From the simple language and conceptual thinking used in the process of making hunting tools and hunting on the African savannah to our space-exploring vehicles reaching for the stars, all races of humanity have inherited a basic DNA sequence that drives our creative instinct. This is the defining element of what it is to be human, and it propels us ever forward to our destiny of dominating our planet and beyond.

Traveling with our Precious DNA
The gene containing this precious DNA sequence can be traced from its source in Southern Africa to the Middle East, southward through India, to Australia; and northeast through Kyrgyzstan, then back eastward to Europe and also westward through the Siberian land bridge to the Americas.
The story of our innovative and creative DNA traces the genesis of all our humanity. Its epi-genetics expression, however, differentiates us into myriad personalities, social groups and races.

Improving our epigenetic profile with beneficial foods
Recent discoveries in the field of anti-angiogenesis, which is the ability to enhance our well being by controlling the body's ability to build new blood vessels (angiogenesis) as required during injury or disease. The phenomenon of anti-angiogenesis is the turning off of blood vessel generation and growth when the injury or bodily harm is past.

Living busy dynamic life can causes bodily harm
When we are injured, experience reduced wellness or consume materials that harm the body, the body can use angiogenesis to build blood vessels to relieve the problem. When the body encounters microscopic cancer cells angiogenesis can help cancer grow, but anti-angiogenesis foods and drugs can slow the growth of cancer. Tomatoes are a great example of an anti-angiogenetic food.

How We Live Modifies What We Are
Epi-genetics tailoring modifies our bodies and minds based on the way we live, enculturate and mature. Therefore from birth to maturity we constantly restructure how our bodies interpret our DNA through the means of epigenetic modulation. This opens profound avenues toward changing our lives. If we start early enough, we can rebuild our bodies to enable us to live much longer than ever though possible.

The Good News and Bad
Of course there are good and bad sides to living in a world of so many immediate and quickly accessible choices. We can head down a path that could ruin our lives by embracing detrimental health habits such as powerful negative emotional urges, excessive drugs, over extending our activities with out restful sleep and poor food choices. But if we intelligently nurture and enhance our bodies, then our epi-genetics can produce a miracle of our evolution can help us create a sense of grand existence and universal connectedness.

Expand and Grow Your Genetic Expression
One important thing to remember about epigenetics is that everything you do in your daily life, even how you sleep, affects your your body's genetic expression. Think and expand your scope of living, try new experiences travel and even try a new job every now and then. Talk to a manager along the lines of being able to help him and make his company grow; just looking for a job is not going to answer and employers need and help his company prosper. Be more like a consultant even if you're not getting consultants pay if you play your cards right eventually the employer will say this guy or gal is valuable to me and my company; think like I must hire him or my competition just might.

Don't Your Genetic Expression Get Hung Up
Letting the mind get stuck in a go nowhere rut is not really fair to yourself, your family and your community. volunteer help local community events tried to be more than what you can imagine; perhaps in imagining you will become more,and your expanding line will improve your genetic expression. Try some of the links at the left of this page to see how you can improve various areas of your life like creativity and imagination; you might be surprised and delighted what you can do.

All these activities and thoughts are the legacy of our lives. May yours be wonderful.

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