Sunday, November 4, 2018
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This is the one life you have inherited from your planet, and it will become what you desire.
If you truly want that result, believe in Christ as your savior: in prayer, meditation and good thoughts.
There is a time, late at night where virtuous thoughts congregate in the sleeping minds of good people,
then God lives there, and helps those in need. When you say, "God help me." Somewhere in the world
in the minds of good sleeping people, God is listening and gathering helpful thoughts for you.
As an enlightened Christian, observe the world for what it is and is not.
Don't accept half truths and deception as fact, most of all avoid the Deep State Media bias.
Do your own research, vote Conservative Republicans in to office and then create your own and rational lifestyle.

The Christian Lifestyle Center

Our Christian Legacy

   This website analyses currently available lifestyle information to help you postulate new ideas and build a fresh personal view. Then you can test these new ideas with the communication arts and draw your own conclusions.
   Many answers exist in libraries, personal communications and the vastness of the Internet. Like an explorer or hard-rock miner, a dedicated lifestyle explorer needs to dig them out like nuggets of the mind for contemplation, consideration and creative construction.

   All activities and thoughts of caring mankind are a legacy of our forward-looking existence. May your wellness legacy and epigenetic lifestyle be full of wonderous things and events.
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