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Sunday, May 28, 2023


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Summer Bridge, Marceline

Marceline and Darok


Book One of Summer Bridge Tales is the first of a story series describing the lives, loves and adventures of good friends, Marceline Pârfait and Sarah Davidson, both from hard-working conservative families. The two young women, as master's degree graduates who after five years of school in California, decide rather than heading back east and jumping feet-first into their chosen careers, want to see and experience some of the beautiful State of California before it is converted into a socialist poor house by out-of-control leftists.

They've attended an agricultural college that both conservative families that it was the least liberal threat of all the leftist schools in AmericaAs an agricultural school, outside of Sacramento, Agerstone College is one of the last remnants of conservative thinking available. Yet, because it is being influenced by a small cadre of tenured leftist teachers, who have some say on how the school is run, they are continuously suppressed whenever possible. This socialist cabal is kept at bay because of their card carrying efforts in the school's liberal arts classes.

Now, Marceline and Sarah are overjoyed to finally be out of the confines of college and are ready to contribute to the business and art worlds after their summer vacation.  Even though the two graduates are polar opposites in the social world, they remain friends until the demands and vagaries of their chosen career paths separates them.

Marceline Pârfait holds a Master's Degree in Biology and is researching arboreal epigenetics.  Her research work has led to a process to grow trees quickly in barren soil, which has the potential to repopulate large tracts of the Brazilian hinterland that have been denuded by logging.  She is expecting the approval of her US Patent application for the quick regrowth process.

During negotiations to firm up a contract between her family’s 800-year-old international hardwood company, Pârfait Industries and the Cinzèlado Company, a forest management and tree harvesting company, headquartered in Recife, Brazil, Marceline falls in love with Darôk Cinzèlado, the VP of his parents’ company. After the story's climax, where Marceline's bad Uncle Phillípe kills himself mostly because of his greed, Marceline eventually marries Darôk in a Brazilian wedding ceremony.

Sarah Davidson holds a Master's Degree in Cinema Arts and Stage Direction. She is a life-long friend of Marceline and intends to pursue an acting and directing career on Broadway in New York City. Sarah is gregarious, flirtatious and driven by romantic forces that are quite distant from Marceline.  Nonetheless, Sarah gets along well with Marceline as they drive a C7 Corvette up into Humboldt County California for a working vacation.

Marceline and Sarah will help Marceline’s Uncle Phillípe on a secret marketing project he concocted, concerning a state authorized nature sanctuary on a unique island in the Eel River. This mysterious island can only be accessed by a summer bridge (it is taken down and stored for the winter season to prevent destruction from raging spring runoff).  Sarah will use her marketing and presentation skills to promote Phillípe Pârfait’s project. 

This book would be of interest to young university graduates who would like to read about a young person entering the professional world and having a politically conservative and spiritual perspective. This book will offer a view of a self-oriented and spiritually directed way of living after being inundated by six years of a somewhat leftist-liberal college education

I wanted to contrast the atheistic liberal viewpoint promulgated in American liberal-leftist post-modernistic universities with a strong spiritual and American conservative way of living and thinking.  If I tend go overboard on the spiritual, historical and philosophical aspects of the story it is due to my personal experience, perspective and the existential magnificence of the human spirit.

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